March 15-17, 2024

Clearfield County Fairgrounds

Show Specials

Any 3 mouth calls for $20





10% off all rods purchased or ordered at the show





  Accuracy Package Special- Includes:  Lap Bolt Lugs, Touch-up LBB Crown, Adjust Trigger, Lap Barrel, Lap Scope Rings, Skim Bed, Install Scope and Bore Sight.  Normally $399.99  Show Special $365.99

Custom Muzzle Brake Special- 60% reduction in felt recoil, Reduced Muzzle flip and torque, Sound dispersion, Muzzle brake is removable, Allows young and small shooters to step up to the harder hitting callibers without punishment or hard recoils.  Normally $245.99  Show Special  $220.99  (For barrels under .750 muzzle diameter only- stainless).



25% off a $125 order, Free shipping, $25 value gift (new customers only).